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And thank you! We have now reached the goal for the spring 2023 semester thanks to all your donations!


I will make a post soon to thank you all 🙏🏽

Thanks for offering to help with my Berklee tuition! I couldn’t be more grateful to you for this timely support. I feel more encouraged than ever to keep making music… It took a while to find the best way to make payments directly to the college, but, luckily, Berklee finally enabled that feature. I've enabled this page on my site, because Facebook was not allowing me to respond to messages at first, for some reason (it's now fixed). I appreciate you going the extra mile following me here!

Steps to donate:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “Alternative Payment” and follow the Berklee/altpay link.


Student ID: 0871267

Name: Maria Mercedes Escobar

Semester: Spring 2023


Disclaimer: If the final collected amount were to exceed the tuition goal for this semester, the funds will carry into required materials (such as books and materials), and tuition for the 2023 fall (and last) semester! It’s unlikely that my legal/work situation will have changed by then, so, even if not as urgent, that is also important and helpful to me!


I should end this note by sharing the news that Berklee has invited me to be part of their Two-Track series, which is based around themes, and mine is “gratitude”. I really AM grateful for you, whose love for music translates into real-life (positive) consequences for me. 






Original Post

It's that time of the year again! Berklee tuition is due, and even though I have incredibly generous private sponsors, Berklee and even Newport Folk Festival on board this time as donors, I'm still $2,902 away from reaching the full tuition amount. As an international student, I'm not allowed to start a Gofundme, and I'm only allowed to work on campus for minimum wage, which makes it hard to otherwise pay for this. If you'd like to help contribute to my music education, please send me a private message. Any amount helps. Thank you!

- Originally published on Facebook, Jan 19, 2023

Feel free to contact me:

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